About Tots Toy Box Hire

At the rate of new toys appearing in our stores, the on-going development of our children and the financial strain to keep up, maybe it’s time to re-consider how we supply our children with toys and I hope that Tots Toy Box Hire can do that for you.

I am Debbie Davies, founder of Tots Toy Box Hire and as I look back to when my own children were growing up, the cycle of toys that went through our house and the money spent was unnecessary and impractical not to mention the environmental cost. Now in these modern times collaborative consumption seems to be the way forward, less waste, better quality and sharing.

I developed Tot Toy Box Hire with the aim to provide each child with enough toys to maintain their interest, make them more resourceful with problem solving and to encourage their mental and physical development.

With the recycling of the toy box every 2 weeks your child will not only learn to play and discover with new toys but it also teaches them to value the toys received, instead of hundreds of toys scattered everywhere they will have a select number which will keep them interested and focused.

We hope you and your child/children enjoy our toy boxes and we would love to receive your feedback.