Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions from some of our customers. Please feel free to ask us a question via our Contact Us page

What if we lose or break a toy?

We do understand that there will be general wear & tear to the toys, however if a toy is lost or damaged and cannot be used to its full potential then a fair
replacement fee will be charged.

What if I am not home when you deliver?

If we can contact you on your mobile & there is a safe dry place to leave the box then we will do so, but if not and we have to do a return trip then there will be a $20 travel charge. This also applies to the collection of the box.

Can I buy any of the toys in the box?

If your child has become attached to a particular toy then we are happy to sell it to you. So please contact us via email

Can I hire a box just for weekend?

Yes you can, but the standard fee of $45 still applies as petrol, cleaning and toy maintenance is still required.

What if the batteries run out on a toy?

All the toys that require batteries will have had fully recharged batteries put in before delivery, if however they were to run out, you are welcome to replace them with your own batteries and remove again before collection day. Our rechargeable batteries need to be returned and remain the property of Tots Toy Box Hire.